CUBA CRUISE – JUNE 13 – 23, 2019


Spend eight unforgettable days sailing through the island paradise of Cuba on a new Lagoon 52 with a water maker and air-conditioning This is an exclusive cruise, limited to 8 people.

After being captivated by the time capsule that is Havana, venture offshore on a yacht for a Cuban encounter few people get to experience. Take in an array of natural wonders and get up-close to marine- and wild-life while sailing from Cienfuegos around the islands of Cayo Guano, Cayo Largo, Cayo Cantiles and many more. Uncover heavenly, untouched islands, swim in crystal-clear waters, snorkel over stunning reefs and spend days soaking up the chilled out vibe of irresistible Cuba. Find out why this vivacious country, so blessed with natural beauty and an abundance of cultural delights, is one of our favorite destinations.

Fly into Havana (HAV) on the 13th and start off with getting acquainted with Cuba’s capital city, Havana. Walk through the crumbling splendour of World Heritage-listed Habana Vieja (Old Havana), or head to the Malecon to watch waves crash dramatically against the seawall. Alternatively, find a cafe, kick back with a Cuba Libre and soak up the procession of classic cars, the whiff of fragrant cigars and the constant sound of salsa, all melding effortlessly in this incredibly unique city. Want to learn how to Salsa? Take advantage of this – Salsa Club Immersion & Instruction and/or a Havana Street Art Walk. Perhaps some fishing with some cave bathing is more your style try  Fishing on the road

You can stay in 5 star hotels or one of the 15,000 AirBnB properties in Cuba. Most people enjoy 2 nights in Havana prior to the beginning of our cruise! Included in the cruise cost are 2 nights in a fabulous 4 bedroom home in Habana. Villa Nieves was built in 1910. This LINK has more info and photos –

Cuba Airbnb

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Day 3 – Journey to Cienfuegos, a charming waterfront city known as the ‘Pearl of the South.’  Board the yacht at the beautiful Cienfuegos Marina, Settle in with a night at the dock. The Yacht Club restuarant is lovely.

Day Two-  set sail to Cayo Guano, where a lush tropical paradise, blue waters, coconut trees and some of the best sunsets on earth await.

Day Three to Six – Canarreos Archipelago – Spend the next four days sailing the idyllic islands of Cuba, which are set among the world-renowned beauty of the Caribbean Sea. Visit Cayo De Dios and discover hidden beaches, untouched sands and pristine blue waters. Grab snorkeling gear to witness some of the Cuba’s magnificent underwater scenery and, if lucky, you may even spot a turtle or two. Relax and chill out on the deck of the yacht, bask in the glorious sunshine and soak up the laidback vibe of the Caribbean. Discover Cayo Largo, an island that boasts some of Cuba’s most beautiful coral reefs and where sugar-white sands dissolve into turquoise waters. Unveil the hidden gems of Cayo Los Majaes, Cayo Rico, Cayo Estopa and Cayo Cantiles, all of which stand out for their natural beauty. During the day, hit the water for a spot of swimming, snorkel with curious marine life, laze on white-sand beaches, relax on the boat and taste the flavours of Cuba. In the evenings, enjoy island style barbeques and unwind with new friends beneath shimmering stars.

Day Seven – Cannarreos Archipelago to Cienfuegos – We make the most of our last day on board with one last swim in the crystal clear turquoise before heading back to Cienfeugos.

Cuba Islands

cayo largo beach
moray eel
Sunset in the Cuban Cays
Cuba bow lookout
Cuba bow lookout
Cienfuegos Yacht Club
Cienfuegos Hotel at marina
Cienfuegos Hotel at marina
Lobster at Cayo Rosario
cayo largo beach
cayo largo anchor
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Day Eight –  Cienfuegos to Havana – Enjoy a final breakfast on board the yacht before heading back to Havana, where this unforgettable sailing adventure ends

Day Nine – Fly home or continue your exploration of Cuba

COST:  $2,100 per person (double occupancy) with a max of 3 staterooms available! This includes all boat costs, including tax, 1st two nights in Havana at the Villa Nieves , transportation to/from Cienfuegos and provisions on board. Not included are shore costs and crew gratuity (10-20%)

To reserve your stateroom, we need a 50% deposit by credit card or Venmo. Balance is due by April 20th. Contact us ASAP to reserve this!

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